What are the top venture capital firms investing in African startups?

I recently (Aug. 2017) published this piece, ‘African Startups are Increasingly Attractive to Investors’, that looked at African and Africa-focused startups that raised $500K and above during H1 2017 (+ July).

Relevant to this question, one theme that emerged was that a handful of investors are betting big on African startups in 2017.

As Andy Tang mentions, Silicon Valley’s Draper Associates is quite active in Africa. New York’s Greycroft Partners is as well. As are Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator, Soma Capital, & Social Capital, as well as San Francisco’s Lynett Capital and Kenya’s Savannah Fund.

My excerpted list of African/African-focused startups raising significant capital from Jan-July is below, but to put things in better perspective, I’d suggest reading the article in its entirety on Afridigest.com.

To get the full context, have a look at the article in its entirety on Afridigest.com