South African venture capital firm Knife Capital invests in Swedish start-up

Knife Capital is a small venture capital firm which has its focus on innovation driven ventures that already has some kind of traction in the market.

They invest in high growth entrepreneurial business and assist them in expanding into key markets where Knife Capital already have strong networks.

Keet Van Zyl speaks to CapeTalk’s kieno Kammies about their journey and successes to date.

We add the three things we believe any high growth market needs which is knowledge of the craft of an entrepreneur, the knowledge of investor and most importantly networks to scale them internationally.

Keet Van Zyl, Knife Capital

Network is more important than funding…

Keet Van Zyl, Knife Capital

Knife Capital has secured its first European investment by participating in a R22 million funding round by UK based Mobile and Sensory Technology (Most).

The investment was facilitated through Knife Capital’s new London office by director Bob Skinstad.

Knife Capital is investing alongside founders of the British and Swedish games studio – King Digital Entertainment, creators of global sensation Candy Crush.

According to van Zyl, Skinstad is his university mate and they recently re-united and partnered in business.

To hear more about Knife Capital, listen below: