Recognising 2017’s best investment papers

Savvy Investor curates the best pensions and investment white papers from around the world; having uploaded more than 20,000 papers since launch, they have a unique platform from which to host these Awards. The Savvy Investor Awards are judged on the basis of the quality and readability of the paper and its appeal to their institutional investor audience.

CFA Institute wins “Best Investment Paper 2017

The accolade of “Best Investment Paper 2017” is awarded to the CFA Institute Research Foundation for their report, “Financial Market History: Reflections on the Past for Investors Today”. This compendium of papers, authored by prominent industry professionals, provides a fascinating look at the history of financial markets, including long-term risk and return, bubbles and crises and financial innovations. A compelling tour de force!

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Savvy Investor Award 2017 Winners

Best Investment Paper 2017
Financial Market History: Reflections on the Past for Investors Today (CFA Institute Research Foundation)

Best Asset Allocation Paper 2017
Five-Year Expected Returns 2018-2022: Coming of Age (Robeco)

Best Smart Beta Paper 2017
How active managers are using factor strategies (BlackRock)

Best Fixed Income Paper 2017
The Future of Monetary Policy (Credit Suisse)

Best ESG Paper 2017
Shifting Perceptions: ESG, Credit Risk and Ratings (United Nations PRI)

Best Pensions Paper 2017 (North America)
Designing the Future of TDFs: A new blueprint for improving retirement outcomes (AB)

Best Pensions Paper 2017 (UK)
Pension Fund Indicators 2017 (UBS Asset Management)

Best Superannuation Paper 2017
The Australian Superannuation Industry (ASFA)

Best Innovations Paper 2017
Disruptive Innovations: Ten More Things to Stop and Think About (Citi GPS)

Best Real Assets Paper 2017
The Behavioural Science of Real Estate Cycles (BNP Paribas)

Best Private Equity Paper 2017
Global Private Equity Report 2017 (Bain & Company)

Best Emerging Markets Paper 2017
Asia: Leaning In (KKR, Oct 2017)

Best Quant Paper 2017
Embracing Downside Risk (AQR Capital Management)

Best Investment Industry Paper 2017
Global Asset Management 2017: The Innovator’s Advantage (Boston Consulting Group)

Best ETFs Paper 2017
Active Strategies, Indexing and the Rise of ETFs (Greenwich Associates)

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