Positive Energy Cards


Total 54 cards, 50 Positive Energy Cards and 4 double sided instruction cards
Box Description: A pocket size easy to transport gloss laminated box
Size: 120x125mm made up to 73mm deep x 37.5 mm wide and 16 mm gussets.


1. These mind-opening cards have been created with the good intent to support and serve the core beliefs and values of all people, regardless of race, creed, or religion. There are doxens of ways to utilize these cards to keep energy moving. The cards are to be “drawn”, but not kept by the person drawing the card. Often people take photos and positive the card they picked in their social media for the day, or save it on their phone, and walk around with the positive energy they picked from the deck. Picking one from the deck is just one way to use the card on a daily basis.

2. While out for dinner or entertaining people at home, put the cards in a tray face down. Have each person draw one at a time, until all cards are gone. Each time a card is drawn, get commends about the energy and how may relate to the night, the week, etc. Others may comment as well. Wit and humour adds a touch of light heartedness.

3. But the cards in a tray at the breakfast table, the reception area in an office or on the customer service counter. Throughout the day, people can draw a card for a focus to stay positive. At a business meeting participants can draw a card and explain how they can use the energy to improve sales, service, teamwork, and people management.

4. Within meet-up groups or religious groups could even use the concept by drawing an energy, relating that positive energy to a scripture or a person or religious character in the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, etc.

5. During Daily meditation and reflection time, draw a card and ponder on its meaning. Focus on how that energy word can improve you or a situation.

6. Carry the cards in its convenient pocket or purse size package and bring the cards out at appropriate times in one-to-one meetings. Consider giving a set as a gift should the client or person really like these cards or refer them to the website.

7. Energy cards can be drawn to help an individual or group get started and to establish a direction when creative problem solving and opportunity hunting. Sometimes people use it at the beginning of new groups, meetings, or projects to break the ice and have a positive discussion and direction before getting into the nitty-gritty of tasks on hand.

8. When Socializing use the cards to introduce yourself to others at the event for networking purposes and breaking the ice, or strangers who look open to starting a positive discussion with you. The card is the ice breaker and conversation piece that will allow you to discuss new and interesting things with people. Its recommended you let them try one card for the day, pick then after two more cards for the week, and if you know the people well, you can turn all the cards face up and pick 3-5 cards that you believe describes them and vice versa they describe you. It feels wonderful to discuss positive words, and to be spoken positively about, it is also a great feeling to tell people positive thoughts. These three exercises combined, break the ice, create focus and vision, and create unity in group environments as you go deeper than a mundane conversation. They could also be used in a light hearted way like a “fortune” cookie, but the words are not really meant to be someone’s fortune, but just a way to focus your positive energy and intent.

9. During a dispute, argument or when facilitating opposite opinions utilise these cards to focus on a positive approach to win-win solutions, whether it is a business, personal, or even family dispute these are great ice breakers when the exercise is done.

10. In a group of two or more people, put the cards face up, so the words are visible in the tray. Take turns describing each other by picking 3-5 words. Often if there is more than 2 people, one person would be the subject of the positive thoughts, and the other two or more people would pick cards from the same deck one by one to describe the person or friend in positive words. The people pick the cards and explain “why” they think the positive words describe their friend well. His is done around the table or gathering until everyone there has been the subject of positive thoughts being told to them. This unites the group, allows people to feel all the positive words and thoughts from other people’s views that “are not” always spoken on a day to day basis but really feel great to hear and to discuss.

11. The cards can be used in family bonding and couples bonding to discuss the positive description of each other using 3-5 of the positive words face up or randomly. The key is too always be positive with what you have to say, and to only focus on the positive aspects and energy.

12. It can be used to help an individual or group get started and to establish direction when creative problem solving and opportunity hunting.
Carry the cards in it convenient pocket or purse size package and bring the cards out at appropriate times in one-to-one settings, business meetings, company staff meetings, social settings and networking events. Consider giving a set as a gift should the persons or clients really like these cards. You will likely have the same experience as us and people will always ask “Where can we get these cards”, often we encourage people to give away the deck as a positive gesture and “buy a new one”, most of the avid users of these cards will buy 5-10 decks at a time, or have them branded with their corporate logo and give them away on purpose as gifts. Giving positive energy to everyone.